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Bhojpuria TV Launch

Dear Patrons, Hope our words reach to your good health. We feel immense pleasure to announce the launch of "Bhojpuria TV"

Today, Bhojpuria TV was soft launched with much fanfare and has gone ON AIR standing on to much of expectations to millions. Bhojpuri, one of the few Indian languages which is spoken outside the sub-continent in Fiji, Mauritius, Guyana, Surinam and Trinidad & Tobago, etc., and has official language status in many of them, has finally got a channel that truly depicts it past glory and the channel aims to revive it as one of the classical languages from its dismal present status.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar, (Young Entrepreneur and Director - Bhojpuria TV), while launching the channel said, “I am deeply saddened to see the present status of our Bhojpuri language, and channels that are supposed to revive its glory are actually making it a laughing stock by diluting its purity. We will restore the glory of Bhojpuri and Bhojpuria TV is the flagbearer of the movement.”

“We will continue our efforts to uplift the status of Bhojpuri language and people. We congratulate every Indian, especially Bhojpuri speaking community,” he added.

After holding the position for 5 years, he moved to Oman in 2004 to set up Oman Tribune.

The integration of Bhojpuria TV has been done by Mumbai based organization Broadcast Consulting Group (BCG) - Empowering Enterprises.

Das, who prefers to stay out of the limelight, hails from Thalassery in Kerala, Southern India.

Mr. Prasun Kumar Senior Broadcasting Consultant who heads BCG was also present at the occasion. Himself a Bhojpuri Mr. Prasun said, “There was a growing demand in this vertical and because there was no such dedicated channel that caters to the cultural intricacies of Bhojpuris, we at BCG, with Mr. Kumar are coming up with Bhojpuria TV- of Bhojpuri, by Bhojpuri, for Bhojpuri. Many had attempted but ended up with mixing Hindi and Bhojpui. By doing so, they were not only taking away the charm of Bhojpuri but were also demeaning to the national language.”.

“Mr Sanjay Kumar efforts are really appreciable and would prove as a boon to the Bhojpuri fraternity,” Mr. Prasun added.

Bhojpuria TV channel will cater to the wholesome entertainment, art and culture categories.

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