Need of the hour is to keep the core of Infosys intact (Comment: Special to IANS) (15:50)
By Amit Kapoor IANS Photo Service
Vishal Sikkas exit from Infosys seems to have been accentuated by the streak of comments made by co-founder N.R. Narayan Murthy. The comments bordered on complaints, raising issues of corporate governance and at time accusations. The episode, like a soap opera with significant twists and turns, has been played in public glare over the last few months.

What does this story say about the 70th anniversary? (Comment: Special to IANS) (12:14)
By Saeed Naqvi
This is a true story. I am revisiting it with a purpose: So that it collides head on with the nation's 70th anniversary celebrations. Absolute, undiluted joy on this occasion would require total amnesia of that which accompanied independence: Partition. With some of us, these celebrations will always be tempered with Keats' great dictum:

Will Modi opt for early general election? (Column: Political Circus) (11:30)
By Amulya Ganguli IANS Photo Service
The synchronisation of the next general election with the assembly polls of 2018 to set a pattern may not be the only reason why the Narendra Modi government is said to be considering bringing forward the 2019 general election by a year.

Attacks on hospitals in warzones have far reaching consequences (August 19 is World Humanitarian Day)(Comment: Special to IANS) (15:46)
By Peter Paul De Groote
Over the last two years, more than 100 medical facilities managed or supported by the international medical humanitarian organisation Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) have been bombed in conflict zones around the world. That's almost one hospital every week.

Shared value an important lever in PM's vision of New India 2022 (07:24)
By Amit Kapoor IANS Photo Service
On the 75th anniversary of the Quit India movement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged citizens to create a new India by 2022 by freeing the country from poverty, corruption, dirt, terrorism, casteism, and communalism. To fulfill this vision of a new India, it's important that all stakeholders come together and support the governments efforts on eradicating these evils.

Modi's inclusive call: Need for religious leaders to build bridges (Comment: Special to IANS) (12:44)
By Frank F. Islam IANS Photo Service
As India celebrates its 71st Independence Day, it must remember the sacrifices made by leaders of the freedom movement. It was their vision, idealism, commitment to democracy, secularism and pluralism that made India an exceptional nation in the world.

Indian jails overflowing with prisoners (Comment: Special to IANS) (14:12)
By Raja Bagga
The annual report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) says that the average overcrowding rate in Indian prisons is 14 per cent. What the report does not reveal is that 149 jails in the country are overcrowded by more than 100 per cent and that eight are overcrowded by margins of a staggering 500 per cent.

Judging books by their names: A trip through tantalising titles (Column: Bookends) (With Images) (09:30)
By Vikas Datta
"Conquering kings their titles take.." begins a Christian hymn, but what about those of books that demand you take a second look at them for something inviting, intriguing, or even incongruous in their name. While an indirect, rather fanciful title is now the norm, even among them, some have an edge in captivating readers.

Opposition unity may remain a chimera (Column: Political Circus) (15:04)
By Amulya Ganguli
It has again become Sonia Gandhi's responsibility to put together the broken pieces of opposition unity.

Global content streams into Indian homes (Entertainment Feature) (14:22)
By Sandeep Sharma
New Delhi, Aug 12 (IANS) With the digital boom exposing Indian youth to international content like never before, content providers and broadcasters are gearing to cater to growing demands for quality film and television shows from the West and other countries.

True independence means a sustainable, holistic India (Comment: Special to IANS) (12:12)
By Anil K. Rajvanshi
My father went to jail in the 1942 Quit India movement. He was interned for 2.5 years in Delhi and Lucknow jails and was released in 1946.

Time for Modi's version of New Deal? (Comment: Special to IANS) (12:56)
By Amit Kapoor IANS Photo Service
The RBI expectedly cut the repo rate last week by 25 basis points, bringing the key lending rate to a six-year low of 6 percent. This came in the backdrop of a steep fall in inflation and weak consumer demand across the country. However, even though the industry had long demanded the cut, it is unlikely to do much to revive investment activity across the country as the root cause for the problem does not lie in high interest rates.

Trump's threat against North Korea: Credible or premature articulation? (Comment: Special to IANS) (14:28)
By Mayank Chhaya IANS Photo Service
The problem with issuing a dire ultimatum as a first response to a traditionally bellicose regime is that the one issuing it is boxed in. That could well be the problem that President Donald Trump could likely face as he deals with North Koreas supreme leader Kim Jong-Uns increasingly aggressive moves threatening the United States.

India's women geologists are rocking it (Gender Feature) (14:04)
By Sahana Ghosh
Kolkata, Aug 10 (IANS) A hammer and compass in hand, India's women geologists are literally rocking it. Notwithstanding the dangers of remote environments, encounters with wild animals, limited access to toilets and the occasional "detention" by left-wing extremists in disturbed areas, these women of the Geological Survey of India have evened out the odds to carve out success stories.

Forgotten benefits of breast milk for the newborn (11:18)
By Rekha Babu IANS Photo Service
Breast milk is recommended as the first source of nutrition for a newborn. It is considered as the sole source of nutrition for the first six months of life that helps an infant build growth for the lifetime. Also, it is recommended that complementary foods are added to the infant's diet at six months of age and that breastfeeding continue up to two years of age and beyond.

Recreating the menu of India's last night as a colony (Lead, Correcting Para 9) (With Images) (18:08)
By Mohammed Shafeeq
Hyderabad, Aug 9 (IANS) Consomme al Indienne, Delicacies a l'Hindustan, Poularde souffle independence. These were some of the dishes on the dinner menu at The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, on August 14, 1947.

Glen Campbell: A country music singer with 'True Grit' (Tribute) (With Images) (17:58)
By Vikas Datta
In his five-decade-long, acclaimed and much-awarded musical career, this sharecropper's son not only brought his genre into the mainstream, but also battled fame's temptations to remain true to the simpler, clean-cut but dislocated life his songs celebrated. "Rhinestone Cowboy" Glen Campbell, who succumbed on Tuesday to the Alzheimer's he had been diagnosed with in 2011, showed "True Grit" too in his life.

Recreating the menu of India's last night as a colony (Lead, correcting para 9) (With Images) (17:20)
By Mohammed Shafeeq
Hyderabad, Aug 9 (IANS) Consomme al Indienne, Delicacies a l'Hindustan, Poularde souffle independence. These were some of the dishes on the dinner menu at The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, on August 14, 1947.

At Spice Jar's Tirunelveli fest, the food is mild and tasty (Foodie Trail-Chennai) (15:28)
By Venkatachari Jagannathan
Chennai, Aug 9 (IANS) There is more to Tirunelveli, where a 6,000 MW nuclear power plant is coming up, than its famous wheat halwa, parotta, sodhi (a coconut milk based dish), adai and rasam. The region offers something for everyone -- from a five-year-old toddler to adults, a top caterer from the district said.

Kohli's team should think of tougher challenges ahead overseas (Column: Just Sport) (14:02)
By Veturi Srivatsa IANS Photo Service
A series in Sri Lanka has always been tough and no captain before Virat Kohli won back-to-back series in the island nation. The record books don't show that India played a Sri Lanka team weakened by the retirement of two of their all-time greats in the last two years.

Recreating the menu of India's last night as a colony (With Images) (12:24)
By Mohammed Shafeeq
Hyderabad, Aug 9 (IANS) Consomme al Indienne, Delicacies a l'Hindustan, Poularde souffle independence. These were some of the dishes on the dinner menu at The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, on August 14, 1947.

Yet to receive investment proposals from India: Hyperloop One CEO (10:38)
By Qadri Inzamam IANS Photo Service
New Delhi, Aug 9 (IANS) While India has evinced interest in introducing high-speed Hyperloop technology to revolutionise its transportation system, US-based Hyperloop One is yet to receive a solid investment proposal from either the government or private players in the country.

Climate change effect: Ladakhi tribe no longer vegan (14:10)
By Kushagra Dixit
Dhahanu (Leh), Aug 8 (IANS) The little-known Brokpa tribals of Ladakh, who claim to have been vegans for some 2,200 years of their existence, are slowly opting for an alternative diet including dairy products, eggs and meat -- thanks to climate change.

Startling figures of inequality in India offer an incomplete picture (Column: Active Voice) (13:08)
By Amit Kapoor
The data released by the Bloomberg Billionaire Index reveals some shocking statistics about the rise of inequality in India. It showed that the top 20 industrialists in India added a staggering $50 billion to their combined wealth in the first seven months this year, taking their total valuation to $200 billion -- roughly 10 percent of India's $2 trillion economy.

A photographer's quarter-century Himalayan obsession (With Images) (12:16)
By Vishnu Makhijani
New Delhi, Aug 8 (IANS) Little did Himalayan landscape photographer Ashok Dilwali's late father realise the creative juices he was unleashing when he presented to his son a Baby Brownie camera when he was just eight. Today, his oeuvre comprises a staggering 25 publications -- the latest came out last month -- the bulk of them on the Himalayas and half a dozen on religious and philosophical themes.

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