May 23: A day to celebrate India's democracy (Comment)
  • May 23: A day to celebrate India's democracy (Comment)(11:02)
    By Frank F. Islam
    On May 23, the seven-week long Indian election process will come to an end. The votes will be counted and a winner will be declared. No matter who wins, the real winner will be Indias democracy. I say this as an Indian American who has had the privilege of living in the two largest - and, I would add, greatest - democracies in the world. I have watched in awe as this years election in India has unfolded. It brought back memories of Indias national election of 2014. The scope and size of that election was unrivalled in the history of the world.
Can east, south offset BJP deficit? (Column: Political Calculus)
  • Can east, south offset BJP deficit? (Column: Political Calculus)(09:30)
    By Jayanta Ghosal
    The biggest test for India's largest democracy is going to end in the Lok Sabha elections. The whole country's focus is on West Bengal elections in the last phase. One big question is: Will the number of BJP seats in West Bengal increase a lot? This question can only be judged from a larger perspective. Let the question be slightly different. Have Bengalis started following or following BJP ideology after so many years?
Stay away from choppy market (Column: Market Watch)
  • Stay away from choppy market (Column: Market Watch)(16:20)
    By Arun Kejriwal
    Markets were super volatile all through the week. Monday saw the markets begin on a neutral note and it appeared that the anticipated reversal after eight straight days of losses would happen, but then someone hit the futures with a large sell order and markets cracked. Probably, the seller had inclination that China would retaliate on the US imposing higher duties on $ 200 billion of US imports. China did retaliate that night by imposing duties of 20 per cent and 25 per cent on $ 60 billion of US exports to China. Markets rose on Tuesday instead and the reversal did happen.
  • Finding the kismet connection (Column: Tete-e-tete)(15:00)
    By Aditti Ahluwalia
    It's no secret. Astrology has always had an undeniable appeal. Who doesn't like knowing about one's future? It's no laughing matter. Never was. Even after completing over two decades of rigorous reading of thousands of birth charts, its still astonishing for me to see how the human mind works. So I can't help but throw my own experiences in the fray for upvotes. Though I have encountered an army of types in this journey, there is a looming demographic which underlines why our Universe borders on the absurd. So allow me to pay homage to those who are unusually notable.
The era of star secretaries (Column: B Town)
  • The era of star secretaries (Column: B Town)(11:58)
    By Vinod Mirani
    A star secretary was a phrase used to describe a man/woman who handled the work affairs of an actor. But, a lot of them fitted the bill of ‘Star Secretary because many secretaries who handled stars eventually became bigger stars.
2019 general election: The Turning Point (Comment)
  • 2019 general election: The Turning Point (Comment)(11:20)
    By Rahul Vatsa
    The ongoing 2019 general election is one of the most closely contested general elections in Indias parliamentary history of India. It also has one of the most widely spread election schedules of seven phases in a span of 39 days. Everyone is anxiously waiting for May 23 - the day the poll results will be announced. Even the most experienced political experts are not in a position to do a precise qualified prediction of the results. But the majority of the surveys and analyses indicate a post poll scenario where the BJP and the NDA will be the largest single party and alliance respectively, but the NDA may fall short of the majority mark.
Jimmy Carter chastises Trump: 'US most warlike nation in history' (Comment)
  • Jimmy Carter chastises Trump: 'US most warlike nation in history' (Comment)(10:50)
    By Saeed Naqvi
    You may not have noticed it, but Americas war with Iran started some days ago, and may not be going too well for the worlds mightiest power. This is not a war that President Trump, as Commander-in-Chief, is enthusiastic about. The eager beavers, the trigger happy foursome lurching towards war are what Irans Foreign Minister Javad Zarif describes as Trumps "B" team - Bibi Netanyahu, John Bolton, bin Salman and bin Zayed.
  • The roots of violence in Bengal (Column: Political Circus)(09:44)
    By Amulya Ganguli
    Forpeople who are generally known to be gentle, genteel, soft-spoken 'bhadraloks' with a liking for sweets like 'sandesh' and 'rosogolla' and Rabindrasangeet (Tagore's songs), Bengalis are also suspected of having a mutinous streak in them.
Glamorous end to IPL 2019 - Cricket soon a specialists' game (Column: Close-In)
  • Glamorous end to IPL 2019 - Cricket soon a specialists' game (Column: Close-In)(09:16)
    By Yajurvindra Singh
    The last ball finish to the final between the two consistent top sides in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was just what the doctor ordered. The match had the ingredients of an epic boxing match, in which both teams had the opportunity to lay the knock-out punch and Mumbai Indians finally put the nail in the coffin.
Parliamentary polls establish national identity, right to equality (Column: Spy's Eye)
Bankruptcies: The good, the bad and the ugly (Column: Behind Infra Lines)
Market to stay volatile but with an upward bias (Column: Market Watch)
  • Market to stay volatile but with an upward bias (Column: Market Watch)(16:08)
    By Arun Kejriwal
    Markets were on a correction mode and lost in all five trading sessions during the week. They have now lost for eight straight sessions and appear to have completed their correction for the time being. BSESENSEX was down 1,500.27 points or 3.85 per cent at 37,462.99 points while NIFTY lost 433.35 points or 3.70 per cent to close at 11,278.90 points.
  • Delhi, the Mini India represents India in a microcosm (Comment)(13:26)
    By Rahul Vatsa
    If you have missed to track the ongoing Lok Sabha election, and on May 12 you are trying to understand how it is going and overall what is the mood of India -- just look at Delhi's seven Lok Sabha seats. Delhi is a smaller version of political India, often called mini India. It has always mirrored the larger India in the Lok Sabha elections.
Relevance of film celebrities after elections (Column: B Town)
  • Relevance of film celebrities after elections (Column: B Town)(10:12)
    By Vinod Mirani
    Come May 23, the Lok Sabha election results will be out. There are political parties and there are politicians and they are usually prepared for any eventuality: win or lose. They survive in politics if they keep the bosses happy. They will stay to fight another election.
  • Public services provided by private players need strict monitoring (Column: Spy's Eye)(09:42)
    By D.C. Pathak
    In a liberal democracy the State favours the idea of both public and private sectors running their businesses in a healthy competition for the good of the people. Growth requires investments from private players in areas like infrastructure, health, power, communications and banking and it is the duty of the government to provide the right 'external environ' - that would include a set of parameters ranging from political stability to a satisfactory law and order situation - to attract such players.
Opposition's continuing handicap - no leader (Column: Political Circus)
Are Indian Tariffs Really High? (Comment)
  • Are Indian Tariffs Really High? (Comment)(15:06)
    By Amit Kapoor
    The Trump-driven trade war does not seem to relent. In the latest development, the US has raised tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports to 25 per cent, up from 10 per cent imposed last year. China, on its part, has threatened to retaliate. India has never been far from the skirmish.
A New Vogue: Authoritarian leaders don't easily accept defeat (Comment)
Indian Cricketer's 'WAGS' or 'Significant others' (Column: Close-In)
  • Indian Cricketer's 'WAGS' or 'Significant others' (Column: Close-In)(08:58)
    By Yajurvindra Singh
    The recent announcement of a cricketers wife or girlfriend (WAGS) being allowed to join them during the World Cup has got peoples tongues wagging. The appropriate ruling, especially after the section 377 should have been "Significant Other". Virat Kohli, the Indian captain has been vociferous in the past, insisting that wives should be a part of an Indian tour overseas.
An election of possibilities in Bihar (Comment)
  • An election of possibilities in Bihar (Comment)(09:10)
    By Rahul Vatsa
    The ongoing Lok Sabha election in Bihar is unique in the sense that no previous election whether of the assembly or a general election can be taken as reference while analysing electoral prospects of the parties in the state. Let's get into the details and try to see why it is so.
The pull of studying abroad for Indian students (Comment)
  • The pull of studying abroad for Indian students (Comment)(10:00)
    By Amit Dasgupta
    The growth in Indias middle class and strong aspiration among Indias young to be part of a global workforce have emerged as key drivers for Indian students seeking to study abroad. This will be particularly noticeable after the school-leaving examination results are out. Recent data demonstrates a strong upward trend and several international education providers are queueing to tap into the Indian student market. This is only likely to grow as India grapples with the crisis it is facing in its own higher education space.
Congress and BJP: How different are their attitudes towards Muslims? (Comment)
Trade cautiously without getting carried away (Column: Market Watch)
  • Trade cautiously without getting carried away (Column: Market Watch)(16:00)
    By Arun Kejriwal
    The week gone by began with a trading holiday because the fourth phase of polling took place on Monday (April 29) in Mumbai amongst other places, and both the stock exchanges are located there. Markets were volatile on Tuesday and closed with small losses. Wednesday was another holiday. Markets lost on the remaining two days as well. BSESENSEX ended the week with a loss of 104.07 points or 0.27 per cent to close at 38,963.26 points. NIFTY lost 42.40 points or 0.36 per cent to close at 11,712.25 points. The broader markets saw BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 lose 0.55 per cent, 0.61 per cent and 0.70 per cent respectively. BSEMIDCAP lost 1.86 per cent and BSESMALLCAP lost 1.79 per cent.