Why coalitions among NE militant groups won't work (Comment: Special to IANS) (11:02)
By Kula Saikia
Chronic attacks of the insurgency virus for decades has made the people of northeast apparently immune to the scourge. The relentless operations by security agencies have forced some of the militant groups to surrender or to run away to alien lands which they use as shelter -- and to employ hit-and-run tactics in the region.

Unconventional but alluring 'heroes': Byron's kin down the ages (Column: Bookends) (With Images) (10:34)
By Vikas Datta
In human affairs, things exist before they are formally named and continue to thrive even when people don't know or forget the name. Take this type of literary character, who continues to hold a strange fascination for us -- the "hero" (or rather, the anti-hero or even villain) who is passionate but flawed, charismatic but behaves outrageously, holds unshakeable beliefs while internally-conflicted and seems to nurse dark secrets.

Rajnath chairs security meet with five CMs, hikes border development funding (Second Lead) (23:48)
Gangtok, May 20 (IANS) Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday chaired the first security review meeting with Chief Ministers of five states bordering China, and enhanced the Central Assistance for Border Area Development Programmes (BADP) from Rs 990 crore to Rs 1,100 crore.

Manifestos indicate future tense for Great Britain (London Diary) (18:14)
By Anasudhin Azeez IANS Photo Service
The ruling Conservatives, opposition Labour and Liberal Democrats have unveiled their manifestos for the 2017 general elections. Whoever comes to power on June 8 will follow the manifesto commitments and they are the blueprints for the creation of post-Brexit Britain. The contents in the manifestos indicate the life wont be same for an average Britain after the elections.

Tughlaqabad gas leak: Many unanswered questions (News Analysis) (11:30)
By K.S. Jayaraman IANS Photo Service
Bengaluru, May 20 (IANS) Has the horrific Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984, considered the world's worst industrial disaster that claimed nearly 4,000 lives and left hundreds of thousands with various stages of disability, been all but forgotten? A recent incident would make one think so.

Three years of Modi: Possibility of 2nd innings looms large (Column: Political Circus) (10:38)
By Amulya Ganguli IANS Photo Service
Considering that the score line in the last round of assembly elections before Narendra Modi's third anniversary of the assumption of power was 3-2 in the Congress's favour, one can only say that his approval rating has been average.

Under Trump, a presidency declines, step by remorseless step (Comment: Special to IANS) (10:42)
By Ashok Easwaran IANS Photo Service
As the US constitution was being drafted in utmost secrecy in 1787, an anxious citizen asked Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers, "Well, doctor, what have we got -- a republic or a monarchy?" Without the slightest hesitation, Franklin responded, "A republic, if you can keep it."

Hypertension can affect children too, not just adults (Comment: Special to IANS)(May 17 is World Hypertension Day) (14:46)
By Rajat Arora
If you thought hypertension is a condition that affects only the adults and the elderly, you are totally mistaken. Paediatric hypertension is well on the rise.

India needs to rethink strategy for the IT sector (Column: Active Voice) (13:10)
By Amit Kapoor
The Indian IT industry is at the crossroads. It first suffered the long-expected shock of the Trump administration's policy shift against the H1B work visa programme. The US President's executive order makes it impossible for IT firms to bring overseas low-skilled engineers into the US for on-site postings. Indian IT firms, which are the largest applicants for H1B visa, have the most to lose.

As TN farm crisis grows, record national harvest predicted (15:30)
By Vipul Vivek IANS Photo Service
As the impact of the worst northeast monsoon in 140 years unfolds across Tamil Nadu, farmers sowed a third less land than they did in 2015-16, water levels in six major reservoirs continued to plunge, and suicides in the farm sector increased over five years.

No legal verdict can resolve Ayodhya dispute (Comment: Special to IANS) (10:44)
By M. Rajaque Rahman IANS Photo Service
With the Supreme Court refusing to fast-track it and pushing for out-of-court negotiations, it is evident no legal verdict can resolve the vexed Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute.

More than 1 mn TB patients lack adequate nutrition (15:42)
By Charu Bahri
Mt Abu/Abu Road: One look at Puni Garasia, 14, was all it took Ashok Dave, a doctor operating a charitable mobile clinic service for 56 dusty, desolate hamlets in Sirohi, southwest Rajasthan, to suspect tuberculosis (TB).

Britain stuck in time warp as elections near (London Diary) (13:24)
By Anasudhin Azeez
The United Kingdom is just four weeks away from electing a new parliament. Both the ruling Conservatives and the Opposition Labour are giving finishing touches to their manifestos.

Fair is foul and foul is fair in Syria (Comment: Special to IANS) (11:54)
By Saeed Naqvi IANS Photo Service
Like Henry Kissinger, New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman belongs to a growing tribe of strategists who insist that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been overshadowed, indeed overwhelmed, by a much bigger, Shia-Sunni faultline.

Kashmir could turn out to be Modi's biggest failure (Column: Political Circus) (11:16)
By Amulya Ganguli IANS Photo Service
There is little doubt that notwithstanding any achievement of Narendra Modi in the economic field or in partially curbing the saffron hotheads, Kashmir will be the scene of his biggest failure unless he is able to accomplish a dramatic breakthrough in the near future.

Focus on Q results, not long-term growth has created India's NPA conundrum (Column: Active Voice) (11:26)
By Amit Kapoor
India's NPA problem has a flip side to it: the issue of rising corporate debts.

Is global establishment in for surprise in France too? (Comment: Special to IANS) (12:36)
By Saeed Naqvi IANS Photo Service
Accustomed either to isolation or global dominance, the United States has in recent years been playing a third role. Ever since its power diminished following the 2008 meltdown, it finds itself running around to block political forces which are ascendant everywhere almost independent of its authority.

To expand footprint, BJP now looks to 'blood bonds' (News Analysis) (12:36)
By Mohit Dubey IANS Photo Service
Lucknow, May 6 (IANS) Blood is certainly thicker than everything else. But now, as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) looks to expand its footprint in Uttar Pradesh, especially in places where it is weak, the party is set to use blood as an important instrument to consolidate political loyalties.

Thanks to climate change, French presidential hopeful Macron reverses history (Comment: Special to IANS) (11:56)
By Rajendra Shende IANS Photo Service
On June 15, 1947, the New York Herald Tribune ran a headline that said "Joliot-Curie Rips America for an Atomic Energy Report". Jean Frédéric Joliot-Curie was a French physicist, a professor, a Nobel laureate and France's first High Commissioner for Atomic Energy. He was instrumental in transforming war-damaged France into a predominantly nuclear energy nation, with minor dependence on fossil fuel.

Sonia's unifying role is unlikely to succeed (Column: Political Circus) (11:18)
By Amulya Ganguli IANS Photo Service
As in 2004, Sonia Gandhi is again trying to stitch together an alliance against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Indian Americans can help India realise its full potential (Comment: Special to IANS) (11:32)
By Frank F. Islam
In 2010, during his first visit to India, President Barack Obama proclaimed: "I believe that India and America are indispensable partners in meeting the challenges of their times."

Modi's war on black money incomplete without taxing farm income (Column: Active Voice) (11:02)
By Amit Kapoor IANS Photo Service
Taxing agricultural income has always been a politically sensitive topic. This was evident last week after NITI Aayog member Bibek Debroy spoke in favour of this above a certain threshold. Immediate clarifications followed that the official stance was not the same.

India keeps promise, gifts vehicles for Nepal polls (20:48) IANS Photo Service
Kathmandu, May 1 (IANS) In line with the promise to help Nepal conduct its civic polls, India on Monday handed over several vehicles to the Election Commission (EC) of the Himalayan republic.

Noodles can now be a healthier option (Comment: Special to IANS) (11:52)
By Rajneesh Bhasin
Asians for ages have been in love with noodles -- for the fun, taste and a "full-up feeling" which makes it a complete meal in itself. From being an integral part of our dinner/lunch, it started occupying an important space in our kitchen as a snack, in the form of instant noodles.

RERA: Real estate sector poised for urban renaissance (Comment: Special to IANS) (11:00)
By Sudhir Pai
Come May 1 and the much-awaited Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) is expected to usher in an urban renaissance in India. There is a certain palpable sense of excitement among all the stakeholders as 2016 ended on a dismal note for the real estate sector, thanks to demonetisation.

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