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Over 60 Major Investment Organizations Join DAEX in Celebrating the Establishment of the DAEX Distributed Clearing & Trading Fund.

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SHANGHAI, July 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 9th, the DAEX Fund was officially established, becoming the world's leading distributed transaction clearing ecosystem support organization. More than 60 major investment organizations attended the momentous launch ceremony.

The DAEX Fund is leading the way when it comes to investing in Blockchain 3.0. The fund plans to focus on investments related to centralized exchanges, wallets, cross-chain solutions and asset management while paving the way for greater industry compliance. The DAEX Foundation will come up with the first round of investment capital, totaling 100 million RMB in DAX and ETH, as it works together with other major investment organizations to build a trusted and secure digital asset clearing ecosystem. These investment partners include Liaode Capital, JRR, Qtum Foundation, J One Capital, ChainPE, 8 Decimal Capital, InnoNext, RadarWin, Halu Capital among others -- all of whom have an abundance of experience when it comes to investing in blockchain exchanges and wallets.

At the launch ceremony, five top industry investors shared their unique insights on the DAEX project. The prestigious panel included the co-founder of DAEX, Hana Zhang, the co-founder of JRR, Hongda Fan, the founder of Liaode Capital Lihua Yi as well as Jie Yuan from Fundamental Labs and Chao Gao from J One capital.

In its newly published technical white paper, DAEX revealed the layered structure of its clearing ecosystem including the DAEX Clearing chain, the DAEX Wallet and the DAEX Identity Chain. The whitepaper also defines DAEX's ASPoS consensus mechanism within asynchronous public networks.

The DAEX ecosystem is being developed from the ground up as a blockchain-based, multi-asset clearing solution for exchanges and investors, thus paving the way for safer and more efficient asset custody and clearing business models. The DAEX public chain will support an array of functions including asset custody and transaction clearing as well as the issuance of digital assets.

The DAEX Fund will focus on the relevant investment channels and opportunities, helping establish the ecosystem and its underlying distributed transaction and clearing services. As a result, all participants in the DAEX ecosystem will experience a more transparent and secure trading environment.

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