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LoomSolar.com Launches Online Solar Brand Store to Capture Big Retail Solar Market by 2020

 (06:30 Hrs. IST) 

FARIDABAD, India, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

LoomSolar.com is India's premium solar brand store that started 5 months ago. The company is one of the first and the leading online brand store in a potential 5000-crore solar products market in India, with over 1 million website visitors.

LoomSolar.com is created to empower residential, commercial and industrial consumers to choose right solar product at best price from top brands for Indian consumers and to educate benefits of solar and make solar system purchase easy, simple and convenient. At present, LoomSolar.com has tied up with top 5 national brands to sell over 200+ solar products in India.

LoomSolar.com is completely different from traditional businesses, the platform allows consumers to evaluate the full range of Solar System Solutions including solar photovoltaic modules, solar inverters, solar chargers, solar wires, solar on grid and solar off grid system including installations kit. It also empowers consumers to identify and purchase the solar energy systems that are best suited to their properties, goals, and budgets.

The Beginning of LoomSolar.com:   

"It all started with brainstorming about ideas to start a new business and leave the luxury of Monday to Friday corporate jobs," said Amol Anand, Co-founder of LoomSolar.com. Amol started the venture with his brother Amod. Amol left the position of Product manager at Luminous India and Amod quit his job at homeshop18 to start LoomSolar.com.

Speaking about what made them steer into this industry, Amol asserted:

"Solar energy is a roughly 5,000 Crore Industry. Most of the sale is happening in the commercial and industrial sector with very limited PAN India player. With 30% subsidy, 100% accelerated depreciation benefit and 5 years money back investment period; this is one of the most lucrative sectors today to start the business."

Revenue earning model:  

In e-commerce, the company is profitable, they have identified three sweet spots to make money by promoting, selling and sending customers to Retail shops. LoomSolar.com is mix of strong online brand with presence of offline touch points in 700 cities.

Sale - every sale that happens on the platform of LoomSolar.com, they charge a commission from the re-sellers. City partner programme - there are new entrepreneurs coming into the solar industry every day, in every city, the company is making LoomSolar.com partner to sell solar from offline shops. LoomSolar.com charges a monthly subscription fee from their city partners. Brand Promotions - the company is giving access of 1 million retail customer to brands, in return, Brands pay certain amount every month to promote their product and brand on the company's platform.

Future Plans: The company's sales have grown 275% month-on-month and they are expecting to reach a GMV of 100 Crore by December 2020.

LoomSolar.com's goal is simple, they want every home to be solar powered and want people to generate electricity and make money, 'Bijli Banao, Paisa Kamao'.

About LoomSolar.com:
LoomSolar.com is an Indian brand and e-commerce platform headquartered in Delhi NCR. It sells solar products such as solar panels, solar Inverters, solar battery, and solar solution online of top brands across India. 

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Amod Anand
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