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Letstrack Announces to Invest 2 Million Dollars in Premium Retailers

 (09:56 Hrs. IST) 

NEW DELHI, July 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Introduces Letstrack Points in every state for Customer and Retail Engagement 

After serving their 100,000 existing user Letstrack, a market leader in real-time tracking systems is planning to invest 2 million dollars on Letstrack Points (Premium Retailers) that are going to be present in every state at prime locations in India.

Letstrack is one of the most advanced real-time tracking companies in India, which is constantly introducing new features and offers for the safety and productivity of their customers. The idea to invest in Letstrack Points builds a strong partnership with premium retailers and offers them special schemes and promotions to provide high quality of sales experience to the customers.

Commenting on the announcement, Vikram Kumar, CEO & Founder, Letstrack, said, "Being a market leader, we believe, it is our responsibility to keep introducing new products and offers by adopting an holistic approach including Retail Initiative and Customer Engagement . Therefore, through Letstrack Points there comes an extensive on-ground outreach for our partners in retail as well as customer segment." 

To strengthen the presence of Letstrack Points, the company will provide complete business support to the retailers by increasing the footfall of customers in the store. Apart from the business support, each retailer will be provided promotional branding support including in-shop branding and visibility on Letstrack's media channels.

The step to come up with Letstrack Points not only benefits their retailers but also the customers. The plan is going to have a significant impact on customer engagement that allows the customer to walk in to the nearest Letstrack Point and get their queries and complaints solved instantly.

Recently, to make Letstrack Points even more affordable to customers, Letstrack also launched a 'Postpay' option to allow the customers to purchase the Letstrack's tracking systems on easy EMI options.

Last month, Letstrack has also raised a seed funding of worth USD 1.7 million from a UK-based investor James Arthur, who is now the COO of Letstrack. Since the arrival of James Arthur, Letstrack is witnessing phenomenal growth in both domestic and international markets. 

About Letstrack: 

Letstrack's varied family of sophisticated GPS tracking solutions combined with the powerful yet intuitive apps and web platforms ensure everybody can benefit. Families can feel closer than ever with the comfort of increased safety, vehicle owners can benefit from features they never thought they would see in their car, bike or commercial vehicle and business owners can improve the efficiency of countless elements of their company with powerful fleet tracking solutions and team tracking. The company offers its solutions to both channels of B2B and B2C.

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