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'Mysteries About the Soul' Demystified in the E-book Soul by AiR

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BANGALORE, June 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --  AiR's e-book titled Soul - We don't have a Soul...We are the Soul! unravels the mystery that surrounds the Soul. Various religions all over the world and famous philosophers of the past and present have advocated different views about it but the whole concept of the Soul remains an enigma. The myth of the Soul is one of the greatest mysteries in the world. People are unsure about the existence and reincarnation of the Soul. These questions have many speculations, but till date, they have not been demystified. This book will open one's eyes as it questions every aspect of the Soul.

The book delves deep into history and gives an account of various popular beliefs about the Soul like 'Soul hunting', 'good' Souls and 'bad' Souls, dual nature of Soul, three parts of the Spirit, tangible and intangible Soul, and hierarchical levels of natural beings having three different degrees of Soul, and celebration of festivals related to Soul like Halloween, etc. while making an effort to explain the truth about the most important aspect – our Soul. It says that not everybody can realize the truth but some may investigate the Soul and arrive at several possibilities of what might be the truth. Then, a few sincere seekers of the truth, may do some Soul-searching and realize the Soul.

"Are we the body? Are we the mind? Or are we the Soul? It's sad, we don't know who we are; let's make this our Life's Goal," comments AiR.

The mission of the book is to help people overcome their ignorance and realize the truth about the Soul so that they can be liberated from the triple suffering of the body, mind, and ego.

AiR says, "Just like the ring, the bracelet and the chain are nothing but gold, we too are nothing but the Soul. Just like gold is the cause, the Soul is our cause. Just like ornaments are effects, we too are mere effects. If we remove the cause, there is nothing left. It is the power of the Soul that makes man conscious of who he is. It lets man remain awake with body and mind and it is this very Soul that lets the body sleep as it continues to power the mind as it dreams subconsciously. The moment the Soul departs, man loses all his power. He loses his power to be conscious, awake, and aware. Without the Soul, man becomes nothing. Man has been unable to discover the power of the Soul. Without the power of the Soul, our muscles, our joints, our bones would be lifeless and incapable of any movement. We walk and talk, we sing and play, all because of the power within. The Soul is a Power, not the ego, body or mind, Not just the heartbeat, it's in every cell we find."

The free E-book can be downloaded from AiR website: https://bit.ly/soulEbookbyAiR 

Book Name: Soul- We don't have a Soul...We are the Soul!

About the author – AiR (www.air.ind.in)

AiR - Atman or the Soul in Ravi, is an embodied Soul whose only mission in life is to help people realize the Truth. He was born in Bangalore on October 15, 1966. As a part of the humanitarian initiative (www.airhumanitarianhomes.org), a charitable hospital and charitable homes were set up. Today, over 600 homeless and suffering people are served and cared for in our destitute homes and provided with free shelter, food, clothing, and medical care.

A Shiva Temple (www.shivohamshivatemple.org ) was built in the year 1995 in Bangalore which is now known as the Shivoham Shiva Temple. AiR now believes that religion is just a kindergarten to Spirituality, and we all have to go beyond religion to truly realize God. One day, his Guru provoked him to introspect: What is the purpose of life? Is life just meant to seek pleasures and to live and die without any purpose? What happens after death? Will we be reborn? Where is God? Several questions like these took him on a quest, a search for the Truth. He gave up his life of Achievement and Fulfilment in search of the final peak of life: Enlightenment. After a few years of intense search in retreat, deep in the mountains, he realized that we are not this body or mind but the Divine Soul, the Atman. He metamorphosed to AiR - Atman in Ravi and gave up his entire life as RVM and started living as an instrument of God doing 'His Divine Will'. AiR has dedicated his life to helping people realize the Truth.

With AiR's own Realization, he has authored several books, composed bhajans, blogs, quotes, poems and taken up several other initiatives that can direct people towards the Truth and eradicate the ignorance that they live in. His vision, now, is to help people to Ask, Investigate, and Realize the Truth.

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